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The Measured Chaos Community (MCC), was founded with the intention to bring guild members together to play World of Warcraft with other like-minded adults, with a strong emphasis on voice chat. Measured Chaos is a conglomerate of guilds across multiple World of Warcraft realms who connect via a shared discord server. Measured Chaos welcomes a diverse member base with a common thread of mutual respect and understanding while having fun playing a game.

Measured Chaos is an all inclusive community. We welcome you regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation or gender identification. You will feel accepted and like a member of the family from day one.

What does Measured Chaos offer?

Join Measured Chaos!

The easiest way to join Measured Chaos is to log on to the realm you’re interested in joining on and messaging any of the Measured Chaos members online at the time and asking them for an invite. Our only requirement to join is that you are eighteen or older.

If you are unable to get an invite in-game go ahead and join our Discord server by clicking here and placing !new and your server name in #request_a_role. on the right. When an Officer pops in to help you just let them know you would like to join and what realm you’re on.