About Us

The Measured Chaos Community is a conglomerate of guilds across multiple World of Warcraft realms who connect via a shared discord server. MCC welcomes a diverse member base with a common thread of mutual respect and understanding while having fun playing World of Warcraft. MCC was founded with the intention to bring guild members together to play World of Warcraft with other like-minded adults, with a strong emphasis on voice chat.

MCC Chapters

For more information on the realms and guild leadership, click here.

Guild Events

Within the MCC, we host many events, including Social, PvE and PvP events. For more information on our events or our Raid and Rated Battleground teams, please see below. As a note, all events on our calendar are in Eastern Daylight/Standard Time.


As with any community, MCC has some rules that span our platforms, please review them and let a GM, Co-GM or any officer know if you have any questions.

  • Adults Only 18+
  • Voice centric community with Alliance and Horde chapters
  • No XXX/ERP Content in public discord or guild chat.
  • No hate speech, trolling, arguing, or yelling.
  • No drama, no bullying , no harassment, and no invading members private life
  • Keep all channels (discord voice & text and guild chat) clear of political or religious discussions and refrain from having them with members you don’t know personally.
  • Subject Change – Topics of conversation can sometimes skirt the line of acceptable; If at any time a conversation makes you uncomfortable, we ask ALL members to respect a topic change if one is requested.
  • Poaching – Measured Chaos does not in any way sanction or authorize poaching, that is to coerce, convince, or otherwise pressure a member of Measured Chaos to join any other guilds that are not Measured Chaos, regardless of faction. Poaching between Measured Chaos realms is also not allowed, that is requiring a member to move or change their home realm to another Measured Chaos realm. In addition, poaching between the teams (Mythic+, RBGs, Raid, et al) within Measured Chaos is also strictly prohibited. Violation of any part of this rule can and will result in a kick and ban from the guild.


MCC is a voice-centered community, as such, we utilize a Discord server to facilitate the community and enable us to be cross-realm without the use of in-game communities and add-ons.

Information on Discord, how to join and information about our server can be found below. Please make sure you read the Discord Rules and Reminders. You are responsible for knowing and following these. 

In Discord, we have multiple text and voice channels to help facilitate our mission. 

  • Text Channels
    • #welcome – This channel has general information on the community and contains links to the website and rules.
    • #general_chat – This is a catch-all channel, but the community and WoW-related content take priority.
    • #looking_for_group – Need more people for your dungeon, raid, battleground or if you just want to level with others? The LFG channel helps you group up with guildies to run cross-realm groups.
  • Voice Chats
    • Main Lobby (VA) – these voice channels are our general voice channels, all except for the VA channel are set-up to require push to talk. Small groups are acceptable in voice channels.  If your activity begins to overtake the air time, please move to another channel, if they are in this discord. If they are a PUG, you can bring them in via the invite link and take them down to the respective channel.
    • Open Participation Channels – these channels fall under the “Please be Ready to Participate” category – these channels are to be used if you would like to reside outside of Solo Chat, but want to be available to group up. These are semi-public channels and anyone can drop down, as long as they plan on participating in that content area. If you want complete privacy or you are not grouped, please do not use rooms in this category.
    • Group-up channels – these channels are under the Pre-Made Groups DND and mean that members formed a group and want privacy. Which means that if you are not a part of the group formation, you are not invited in or you have no intention of joining the activity in the room, you should not join that room. If you would like to ask a participant in this room’s category what they are doing, please send the participant a Direct Message (DM). Never just enter rooms in this category unless you have permission first. You may be interrupting an ongoing, in-game activity – you wouldn’t want someone barging in, in the middle of a raid boss.
  •  All “General Rules” are also enforced while in Discord.
  • All participants within this Discord are required to have a mic and headphones of some kind and use Push-to-Talk (PTT) is required for all Voice Channels except for the VA Solo Chat Channel.
  • Non-game and guild related speech is allowed in our voice and text channels, but all game and guild speech trump all other conversations. Images and other media is allowed in our text channels, in moderation. Moderators reserve the right to delete any media that is deemed excessive or offensive. Images of individuals under age of 18 are NOT allowed, including memes and gifs.
  • The advertisement of personal or other guild discord servers is not allowed in public channels, but the linking of WoW-related resources are, including but not limited to WoWHead, Icy veins and discords pertaining to WoW (class, addon, topical based, etc…) are allowed.
  • Be respectful of others within the channels; share “air time” with those in the room.
  • Keep all channels (voice & text) clear of political or religious discussions and refrain from having them with members you don’t know personally. No hate speech, trolling, arguing, or yelling. Use your PTT buttons and disconnect button, so we don’t have to do it for you.
  • The private rooms are not personal AFK channels, and do not mute and deafen yourself in public rooms, space is limited.
  • This discord server is the ONLY sanctioned server of Measured Chaos, if anyone asks or requires you to join another server as a requirement for raiding, PvP, or any other group or activity, please report that members to your GM right away.
  • Respect Discord’s TOS: https://discordapp.com/tos
  • If you have any issues or complaints, please direct them to your Guild Master (GM) through Direct Message in Discord. Take personal responsibility and adjust volumes and mute members before filing complaints to your GM.
  • Contribute to your guild by helping others, playing with others, attending events and groups, answering questions and be helpful to one another.
  • If you have any issue that can not be resolved between yourself and another party, bring it to your GM. If your problem is with your GM, take it to another GM. If you are not willing to work person to person to fix your issue, your issue will NOT be solved. It takes two to resolve an issue. All conflict resolution will be done in VOICE, we have private channels that you can use. GMs and officers are here for YOU. If you need a mediator, that is what we are here for.
  • Members shall not block members of leadership. Leadership shall not block members of the guild, or other leadership members.

Once you are familiar with the discord rules and the server itself, click here  (https://discord.gg/kVjvXwY)

Once in discord, please review the #welcome channel and in the #request_role channel, please perform !member [insert MC main’s name] [insert server name] – for example, if your MC main is on Stormrage, you would perform !member lokiloup stormrage