GM Council

Measured Chaos ran by a council composed of Guild Masters from each chapter. In addition to the chapter Co-GMs and any designated ex-officios that may be appointed by the council. The council leads the guild as a group, with no singular leader.

The GM Council holds a monthly meeting to discuss guild business, including policy, administration, leadership matters and any other matter that a council member may wish to bring before the council. All GM Council meetings are held on the last Monday of the month unless a holiday interferes with it then the meeting is held the week prior.

All normal GM Council meetings are streamed with the allowance of an executive session, which can be called by any member of the council and approved with a simple majority. If you are interested in watching one of our GM Council meetings check out one of our streams on the last Monday of the month. You can find the dates and times of council meetings on our event calendar.

Guild Masters & Co-GMs

Aegwynn (Horde)

Niteborne (GM)
Joncryl (Co-GM)

Aerie Peak

Nadaclue (GM)
Psykoh (Co-GM)


Teawind (GM)
Blodeugwedd (Co-GM)


Knottygirl (GM)
Lazyheals (Co-GM)


Euthinasia (GM)
Gravetech (Co-GM)


Moonmischief (GM)


Taowind (GM)


Lannister (GM)
Felthuzzad (Co-GM)


Houselady (GM)
Lannister (Co-GM)

Wyrmrest Accord

Byteme (GM)


No guild can function without an incredible team of guild officers, and Measured Chaos is no exception. We have a fantastic group of over 30 officers who have all answered the call and stepped up to become a leader within our incredible community. Our officers are an extension of the GMs and help in all manners from recruiting, hosting social events, leading raids, banking and creating the friendly atmosphere that Measured Chaos is known for to name a few! 

If you are a new or prospective member to Measured Chaos and you are interested in also answering that call and helping our wonderful community. Reach out to your GM for the next step, and they will happily discuss it with you!