Taowind - Guild Master

Welcome to our guild. My main character is Taowind but I have many toons to play. My name is Christine and I have been playing on and off since Alpha. I enjoy collecting battle pets along with many of you. I want to do more achievements while gathering mounts and possibly Transmog along the way. As GM I want to make sure our members enjoy their game play. I am here to support you in your fun in the game. I enjoy helping other people in the game. I have characters that can level with you at a variety of levels and different classes. I like playing different classes to see what they can do. My main toon Taowind is a hunter. I have a priest, Demon Hunter, Mage and Druid that are topped out. But I have Mages, Warlocks, Shaman, Monk, Warrior, Death Knight, and a Rogue to play that I want to level too. When I am not playing WOW. I am an artist so I do different art with different media including paper crafting. I also do fine art. I am a purple haired old lady that listens in the channels and will join in with you if I can. I want to help out as much as possible. I have been with the guild for over three years and I volunteered to help out when it was needed a while ago. The important thing is that you can contact me anytime for help and I will see what I can do. Let’s do some achievements on our server!


Beesaregood - Co-GM

Coming Soon!