Rated Battleground (RBG) Teams

Measured Chaos RBG Teams


With a guild as large as Measured Chaos you better bet we have an active PvP community. Team “Foxtrot” encompasses both Horde and Alliance PvP within the guild. – if you are interested, please contact Moonmischief or Gravevirtue on Discord.


Foxtrot PvP For All 7:00 PM  to 10:00 PM (EST)


Foxtrot PvP For All 7:00 PM  to 10:00 PM (EST)


Do you like bathing in the blood of your enemies? Do you use their tears as polish for your new gear? Then you might be a little bit too evil for others but you’ll fit right in with Fighting for Glory!

Team Date & Times: Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30pm-10pm EST

Leader(s): Tajdad

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo! Put the you know what in the you know where! Come join the countless F.U.C.K.ers before you who have experienced bliss in this learners to intermediate team!

Team Date & Time: Friday & Saturday 8:10pm-10pm EST

Leader(s): Moonmischief

Have you ever wanted to PvP but don’t know the first thing? Do you want to learn in a noob friendly environment? Are you up very late at night? Then come join the Midnight Runners! Don’t forget your jogging shorts as there will be a lot of running!!

Team Date & Time: Thursdays 12am-3am EST

Leader(s): Lannister